Everyday People Brunch

“The hippest NYC kids” photographed at the Everyday People Brunch.

everyday-people-by-kurt-arnold-01 everyday-people-by-kurt-arnold-02 everyday-people-by-kurt-arnold-03 everyday-people-by-kurt-arnold-05 everyday-people-by-kurt-arnold-08 everyday-people-by-kurt-arnold-09 everyday-people-by-kurt-arnold-10 everyday-people-by-kurt-arnold-11 everyday-people-by-kurt-arnold-22 everyday-people-by-kurt-arnold-23 tiffany-lanton-by-kurt-arnold everyday-people-by-kurt-arnold-13 everyday-people-by-kurt-arnold-14 everyday-people-by-kurt-arnold-15 everyday-people-by-kurt-arnold-16 everyday-people-by-kurt-arnold-17 everyday-people-by-kurt-arnold-18 everyday-people-by-kurt-arnold-19 everyday-people-by-kurt-arnold-20 everyday-people-by-kurt-arnold-21


3 Responses to “Everyday People Brunch”

  1. tiffany says:

    love them!

  2. Ange says:

    So real – so cool. The lighting in the photo three down from the top kills me. The mood of the whole collection draws me and makes me want more, a film following the lives of these people shot through your eyes would delight me to no end.

  3. kamilah says:

    i went to their party today! totally a great photography moment!!

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