My approach to Wedding Photography derived from the nature of work I routinely produce as an exhibiting Visual Artist, which focuses on documenting human behaviours, expressions and emotions through candid photography. Engaged in this practice for nearly two decades, I’ve come to develop a second-nature ability for anticipating and aesthetically composing “spur-of-the-moment” photographs before they transpire – creating for artistic perspectives within natural and un-staged images. Using unobtrusive techniques and minimal use of flash-photography, my presence at a wedding ceremony goes practically unnoticed – allowing for all attention to remain on what matters most – the Bride and the Groom.

As with all photographs published on this website, the images below have not been cropped or altered from their original composition and reflect my works as seen and captured through the lens – “by the eye of the photographer.”

Please contact us for detailed packages and pricing.

All commissioned assignments and services provided Visual Captivity, including Wedding Photography are provided under a Contract Agreement designed to protect the interests of both parties, being “the Client” and “the Photographer.” Relevant Terms and Conditions are provided by Email upon expressions of interest – however Client is required to review and approve said Terms and Conditions prior to formally securing a reservation.

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