Sydney Rains

Sniper’s Log | Friday 2011-07-22 — Nature repeated itself my first day back in Sydney, lashing a heavy downpour during the height of brunch hour. Nothing new — its been raining 10 days now, since before I left for NY.

This brings to mind … among frequent questions/comments I receive, one of them relates to rainy or overcast days, which is: “terribly day for taking photos isn’t it?” Not so. Overcast days are actually ‘to die for’ in my book. I often describe the clouds as natures own soft-box lighting system — creating a similar effect to those lighting techniques applied in professional portraiture studios — but ‘mo better,’mo cheaper & ‘mo natural of course. In the case of rain … provided the clouds aren’t too dark, for my purpose its an enhancement to day-to-day activities — creating for added drama in the way people respond and alter their actions or behaviours.

Below I share with you some of my favourite rainy day Snipes captured in Sydney.

2 Responses to “Sydney Rains”

  1. mookie says:

    I really enjoyed seeing these photos… but not missing the rain in sydney
    They are fantastic and real frozen movements. You have captured beauty in this madness.

  2. Sam says:

    I love the way you set out your photoblog, it’s great to summarise different galleries the way you’ve done it.

    I’m from Melbourne and for once it hasn’t been as rainy as Sydney this year! Cool photos.

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